My Healing Journey

Why Elimination Diets Don’t Work, Why Trial and Error is Dangerous and Why Medications are Band Aids


6 Tests Essential To Healing

Learn About the Organic Acids, Dutch, Full Blood Panel, Copper Zinc, Parawellness and GI Map

How to Detoxify Your Liver Naturally

An overview of the 3 phases of detoxification, how the liver plays such a huge role in symptoms and illness, why testing is important and how you can detoxify naturally


How to Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

Why proper testing is needed before treating the thyroid. Optimal vs normal ranges. Symptoms of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, root causes and how to heal naturally


How to Beat Candida

Are you tired of the Candida diet? Does Candida come back as soon as you stop it? Do you want to be able to eat again? Are anti-fungal's causing extreme die off and only working for short periods? Check out this video and find out how to beat candida and heal your symptoms without the extreme diets and anti-fungal’s

How To Meditate

Tips and Trick to easily incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your day

The #1 Thing That Prevented Me From Healing

In this video I discuss the #1 thing that prevented me from healing from lupus, migraines and depression


Biofilm and Gut Testing

Why it is common to get false negatives on stool tests. What biofilms are and the importance of biofilm busters before testing and during gut protocols. I also go over the different types of biofilm busters and the testing I use to get the most accurate results


How to Heal SIBO - Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth

In this video I discuss what SIBO is, common causes, how to test for it and why it will keep coming back until you address pathogens in your large intestine


Why Candida Isn’t the Problem

In this video I explain why you can spend years trying to kill candida without success. Why candida is not the problem and what you need to do to get rid of it once and for all


How to Heal Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue

In this video I discuss why Adrenal Fatigue is an outdated term and why saliva testing doesn't show the whole picture plus full analysis of the adrenal portion of the DUTCH Test


Lower Body Stretching Routine

Easy stretches I use after exercise and hiking. Great for all levels of flexibility


Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu’s

How to keep from getting sick and speed healing if you already are


Dis-Identification Meditation

Learn to dis- identify with your symptoms


How to Find Your Ideal Diet

I discuss the problems with popular fad diets, why a balanced whole food diet works and how to find your ideal fuel


How to Reduce External Stress

I discuss chemical, physical and emotional stress. How they cause illness and delay healing plus how to reduce them


How to Exercise Safely While Healing

Which exercises are safe and which to avoid while healing from chronic illness


Inner Joy Meditation

Guided Meditation on Finding Your Inner Joy


Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Symptoms

Why you want to focus on rebuilding and rebalancing the body and going after root causes of illness


Whole Body Approach

Learn why it is important to work on the body as a whole and how I help clients heal from chronic illness


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