1 Year Program Only $1997

Regular $2497 - Save $500 if you sign up in December

  • 26 Live Group Coaching Calls
  • ​Rebuilding Phase: 4  Test Analysis and Custom Protocol - Dutch, Oats, Full Blood Panel, Copper Zinc Test
  • ​Full Gut Testing and Retesting (if client has completed Rebuilding Phase)
  • Whole Sale Price on Tests  and Supplements
  • ​All  My Self Study Courses
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • 50% Off Pay as You Go Rates for Extra Tests and Coaching Sessions if Needed
  • Test Fees and Supplements Extra
  • Bonus Training on Mindset, Goals, Nutrition, Exercise, Empowerment and Emotional Healing

*Course is Running All Year * Join the Current Program and Work at Your Own Pace!

* 1 Year of Support Calls 

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1 Year Group Healing Program



I want to be able to help as many people as possible heal their bodies naturally by rebuilding their body and getting to the root cause of illness.  

I know it is not possible for me to work with everyone 1 on 1 and not everyone can afford my 1 on 1 coaching packages.  The first group program launched in January 2018 and is going well.  I have made a few changes to make it even better.  The group program still follows my unique Whole Body Approach.  This program is also perfect for someone who is healthy but wants to prevent disease and optimize there health

This 1 Year Month Group Program has two phases- The Rebuilding Phase and Gut Healing Phase

In the Rebuilding Phase we will be running a Dutch Test, Oats Test, and Full Blood Panel and Copper Zinc Test.  I will be providing individual analysis and custom protocols via email.

The second phase is Gut Healing.  We will be running a Parawellness Test after a biofilm buster with the option to add in a GI MAP/ SIBO TEST if you are able to.  I will design a custom protocol for you based on your results.  Once your protocol is done we will be retesting with a Parawellness and GI Map and if needed I will design a second protocol.   We will also include a heavy metal protocol with this.

There is no 1 on 1 coaching or unlimited email/ text support in this 1 Year Group Healing Package.  We will be having Live Zoom Calls where you will be able to join live and ask questions or submit your questions via email.  Group Calls are every 2 weeks.

In these calls I will also be giving Live Training's just for the group on Mindset, Goal Setting, Empowerment, Diet, Exercise, and so much more!

All Tests are supplied at whole sale cost as are any supplements I can get you like Fibrenza and Megaspore.  During and After the 1 Year Healing Program if you need further testing or 1 on 1 support you will receive 50% off my Pay As You Go Rates.

​​Sandie Gascon

Whole Body Healing Coach


Motivated 2 Heal Inc.