Sandie Gascon is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Whole Body Healing Coach.  Her goal is to inspire, motivate and uplift everyone she connects with and to guide people on their healing journey.  Sandie has healed from lupus, migraines, depression plus a whole host of other symptoms and openly shares her personal healing journey.

Sandie works with clients all over the world.  She has a following of over 13 000 people on Facebook, Instagram, in her active Facebook group and email list all of which are growing at a rapid pace.  She goes live regularly in her Facebook Group and has been a Guest on the Weight Free Wellness Podcast and will be featured on Wise Health For Women Radio   In her spare time Sandie loves to ride her horse, train her dogs for agility, paddle board, hike, kayak, meditate and practice yoga.  Sandie is currently training to be a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer to enable her to share her story with a larger audience. 

Her Favorite Topics to Speak or Write About Are

  • Why Elimination Diets Don’t Work & What is Truly Needed to Heal
  • How Emotional Traumas & Denying Your Passion Lead to Disease
  • How to Create and Maintain a Rockin’ Mindset Routine
  • The Importance of Being Happy Now Despite Pain


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​​Sandie Gascon

Whole Body Healing Coach