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"Couldn't Live Without Her Help "


    On September 12, 2016 I had been suffering with a month-long “UTI”, anxiety, sleepless nights and constant tremors.  This was my first anniversary, and my husband and I spent in the ER.  Over the next three months, while the prescribed medications did nothing to alleviate my ever-compounding symptoms; I battled my mysterious illnesses on my own.  I spent whole days in Facebook forums and on Google, self-diagnosing with first this, then that.  I spent thousands of dollars on supplements that I tried and abandoned a week later when I found the next “miracle” cure for what (maybe) ailed me.  My home business was dying, my daughter stopped asking me to play with her, my relationship with my husband was suffering as he shouldered all the responsibilities of home, work and a “chronically ill” wife. 
   In December I met Sandie and my entire life changed.  On a physical level, she systematically tests and targets the root causes of illness.  What I wasn’t understanding through hundreds of hours of self-study, was that what works for one person won’t work for the next person.  I was shooting in the dark.  But this is only half of the magic of what she knows.  Sandie’s program targets the whole person, including mind and spirit.  She encouraged me to change my thinking about being “chronically ill”.  Her calm, positive attitude and focus on mindset brought me back to the frame of mind that I had lost along the way.  This element was key to my healing. 
   Today is September 10th, 2017 and last night my husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in a downtown club.  Being sick didn’t occur to me.  Not for one second.  I no longer live in pain.  I sleep through the night.  I don’t shake, and I haven’t had a panic attack in 6 months.  6 months.  My business is better than it has ever been, and most importantly, I’m going to go play with my daughter as soon as I’m finished writing this.  I don’t spend much time thinking about where I would be right now if I hadn’t met Sandie.  But I am grateful every single day that I did.  

Stacy Madej

Michelle Burbidge

I have had the pleasure of being Sandie Gascon's client for the past five months. I came to Sandie with many different ailments, including candida, vulvodynia, migraines, heavy metals (gadolinium from an MRI in particular) and a huge thyroid issue. We are still currently working on those issues, but I am feeling better day by day.  Sandie treats her clients with a preventive approach. She encourages a healthy lifestyle which includes such things as appropriate exercise, nutrition, supplements when needed, balancing hormones and stress reduction techniques along with mindset work. Sandie helps you get to the bottom of your road blocks, many of which are self induced. She will help you find solutions and guide you. Sandie's wealth of knowledge in health matters is truly impressive. She keeps very up to date with many things other practioners do not, including the dutch test. I searched everyone locally to find someone who could offer what she could and I was unable to match her expertise. The support she has given me these past 5 months has been beyond what I expected or previously experienced. She has a lot of empathy for people, and believes that the body has the capacity to heal itself. Sandie can help you make wise choices when it comes to your most precious thing, your health, and guide you to realistic goals.

I cannot say enough nice things about Sandie. I am so happy to have found her. She is an inspiration and her wealth of knowledge is truly incredible. I have learned so much since I hired her as my coach. I honestly believe that she is my key to healing fully. When I first started working with Sandie I hadn't had my period in months. At age 23, this was alarming. Other doctors told me my hormones were fine based on blood results. Finally I got the proper testing done with Sandie and found that my female sex hormone levels were in the postmenopausal range! After only 2 weeks on Sandie's protocol my period returned. Another amazing thing about Sandie is that I can pester her with numerous questions at any time of day and she always responds quickly and cheerfully. You can't get that kind of service with any doctor! She really strives to make a personal connection with you and makes it easy to feel comfortable talking about intimate health issues.

"Sandie's Motivation to Help Me When I Could Barely Help Myself is Something That Sets Her Far Away From Other Practitioners"

"The Support She Has Given Is Beyond What I Expected or Previously Experienced"

I was blessed to have found Sandie after a year of looking for a therapist that would understand the process of recovery and rebuilding of the body.  I am constantly impressed with her continual learning and sensitivity to what I am looking for as therapy.  Sandie listens to my words and requests and then improves upon them with her understanding, knowledge and experience.  She is a person who knows what it's like to walk through fire knowing there will be something better on the other side 

"Sandie's Program Targets the Whole Person, Including Mind and Spirit"

Laura Burger

"She Really Strives to Make a Personal Connection "

Bethany Hein

    Slowly over the course of the last 10 years I haven’t felt well and my health got worse over that time. I searched for answers from my doctor and kept being pushed off and told it was stress or you are a new mom, etc.
   As my health declined to a point that my daily life was a struggle I started to get online searching for answers. I made appointments with a couple different holistic, naturopaths, etc to see what every one had to offer and get a couple opinions. I went back and forth deciding on joining Sandie for her 6 month coaching and finally knew she was the best to work with.
   100% hands down the best choice! Support, knowledge, resources, thorough explanations on WHY which Doctors cannot give you. Whatever you need and I mean WHATEVER you need Sandie has your back and will push you, hold you accountable to help you have motivation you want to reach your goals.
  I learned that health is not just bringing your insulin down, reversing PCOS, diminishing pain from IC, and many more things that I struggle with, but your whole body from exercise, diet, attitude and mind..  Sandie’s motivation to help me when I could barely help myself is something that sets her far away from any doctor or practitioner. She has a passion for this whole body approach to help you from her free training's, live chats, always answering questions and continuing education.
Sandie will be my first opinion for health advice as long as she is able not only for my, but for my husband and children as well.
Thank you Sandie for being you and I am so glad I found you.

I have struggled with Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, aches and pains through my body, and ADHD symptoms my whole life among other things.  I have never wanted to be on prescription meds, even the thought of them increased my anxiety.  With Sandie's friendly and available coaching and talent for interpreting complicated test results I now have more real energy without the use of caffeine or stimulants, my anxiety levels have almost completely dissipated, I don't feel depressed anymore, and I can focus my thoughts and complete tasks again!  I don't feel like I need to default onto prescription drugs.  My digestive system is healing, my nails are growing in healthy again, and I quit my 14 year addiction to Marijuanna.  I just love how Sandie doesn't sugar coat anything.  She tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  Her mindset coaching is an added bonus to what she already offers and she is almost always available for support in the day within minutes of sending her a message, whether it's about a food in the grocery store I need help deciding on, or some sort of crisis I'm having with a friend. Hiring Sandie to be my whole body and mind health coach was one of the best things I have done for myself!

Sandie is knowledgeable in all she does for she takes the time to learn and do things right the first time in the most compassionate, natural and fun way. We may not have always agreed on things but one thing is for sure she gets the desired results.  She is dedicated and persistent which is what makes her great at what she does and she is always willing to help anyone

  In August of 2015 I had an issue with fatigue and anxiety that NO traditional Dr. could or would figure out for me. After several trips to the ER and Dr. after Dr. and a unnecessary gall bladder removal, I had enough and had given up. I was just going to live like a chronic anxiety person on many medications. Then in November of 2016 I was blessed to find Sandie! Motivated to heal with Sandie has changed my life In many ways. 
  Today, after sophisticated test that traditional Dr. don't know about or use, I have been able to get off prescription medications and gain my life back! Sandie is a very knowledgeable of the bodies process from the major systems to the cellular level.  As a RN I was not taught of the many cellular levels and what the body REALLY need to be healthy.
  Two years after the unknown with my health, I feel that there is a light at the end of the the tunnel. I can now get back to living, working and enjoying my kids and family again. I am still in the process of healing and changing my life for ever.
  I am forever grateful to Sandie for giving me my life back and teaching me to take of my family and patients in a healthy way. 
God Bless you Sandie!


    I have struggled with mental health issues and low self esteem for many years. No matter how hard I worked on helping myself, I would eventually lose momentum and fall back into the old unhealthy familiar patterns.   I met Sandie in the summer of 2017 and soon after started working with her to rebuild my brain with amino acid therapy.   Her online resource material and videos were so helpful in understanding what was going on with me, as well as, validating to me that I was not alone and it wasn’t my fault. Sandie is an expert in her field and her sincere caring of others well being, her vulnerability and wisdom through experience, as well as education, is remarkable.   I have never felt so much solidity in myself.  Within 3 months I have made huge changes in my well being and have attracted amazing opportunities in my life that I can now allow myself to experience more fully.  I am so grateful for Sandies expertise and support towards and along this new path.  I feel like a super hero J.  

Tabatha Farnel

Jeanne Crozzoli

Chantal Mitchell

I was scared and felt I was literally going to die, before I met Sandie. I had been to countless doctors and had numerous diagnosis based on the "guessing game". Traditional doctors would tell me I had anxiety, but how could I have anxiety only when I ate food, others would tell me, "We know something is wrong with you but we don't know what it is". I had lower back and in between my shoulders pain, RLS, muscle spasms, headaches, brain fog, I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks and I could only eat bone broth, salad and grilled chicken without my throat closing on me even though I wasn't allergic them. I felt like I was a burden to my family since we could not leave the house for months. I couldn't tolerate cold or heat, I had body aches one day and one day they would be gone. I knew in my heart something was wrong and it wasn't anxiety so, I sat for hours and hours researching the internet, I found an article written by Sandie which described practically all of my symptoms. I was beyond excited, she believed me AND she knew what was wrong AND how to treat me! It was life changing. I can't express in words what I've been through mentally or physically all I do know is that I am grateful for Sandie. 

I am very appreciative for all the support and guidance that Sandie has provided me during the past couple of months. Having suffered with severe bloating and constipation for roughly 3 years and in pain most days, she found a simple solution that my Family Doctor and specialist Doctors were not able to.  Sandie is always available when I need her unlike having to book an appointment with doctors. She is so passionate and knowledgeable in what she does.

"I Am So Grateful for Sandie's Expertise and Support"

When Sandie came into my life  I was at an all time health low! I was on 9 different prescription medications and  I was only 37...Things were bad, and my future health was looking pretty dim! She helped educate me on how to heal myself, we made a plan of action together. Through total dietary changes, and the addition of supplements, I have lost over 40 lbs and I now only take 2 prescription medications. I will forever be grateful for Sandie, I couldn't have done it without her support.

"Everyone Needs a Sandie"

Marielle Delaine

Sandie is one of the most driven and caring people I know. She will always go out of her way to help friends, family and her clients.   She has made a difference in the lives of countless people.  She has helped educate me on proper nutrition and how to heal my thyroid holistically.  

I’m sure you’re reading these testimonials because something drew you to Sandie. That’s where I started as well. I had been going on and off to doctors for 10 years after being diagnosed with Celiac disease and kept getting worse. I was tired of doctors that kept telling me I was depressed and just wanted to push a pill on me and tell me to see a psychiatrist….which in fact I tried and made things worse. What drew me to Sandie is she can RELATE. She has been on this journey and understands what we are going through. I started with Sandie and finally felt hope. I’m still on this journey but have got to a point where I feel what it’s like to be happy again! Not only does Sandie do the appropriate testing, she also helps with mindset. Something I feel that most individuals need when going through all these health challenges. I also appreciate that Sandie is very patient. We are all individuals who have different bodies and health challenges. Sandie is a practitioner unlike anyone else who I’ve met. She does not guess on things, she runs tests; she helps with mindset and is very patient. The list could go on… One thing I love most is able to ask questions at any time and she gets back so fast! I’ve had to wait from other doctors for a week or two for a response and it amazes me how fast she responds. I feel so blessed to have found Sandie

Michelle  Palmer

Lindsay Wennekes


"I Have Been Able to Get Off Prescriptions Medications and Get My Life Back"

"Thank you for all that you have done for me!"

Linda Heikkinen

In the past 6 months I have had only one migraine and that was because I had food poisoning. I used to get weekly migraines. Sandie has supported me through the treatment and changes I have made in my life. She is always there. I haven't felt alone once since meeting her, regardless of the fact she lives on the other side of the world. I now have hope, I have my confidence back and I'm not scared anymore. I have control of my life back again. I'm not yet where I want to be but I now know that I will get there and I am a world away from the terrible state I was in before meeting Sandie. 

My beautful niece sadly passed away just last month and I was able to keep my health intact regardless of the grief. I owe that to Sandie. I would recommend Sandie's services to anyone who feels they need to regain control of their health and their life. If Sandie helped me, she could help anyone. I am more thankful and grateful to this beautiful and professional woman than I could ever express. Everyone needs a Sandie! 


Malizza Miller

Dana Dumont

"I am feeling that abundant health is within reach"

For the past 10 or more years I have suffered from debilitating fatigue. Often it was a seemingly impossible hurdle to get out of bed in the morning and I couldn't carry on in the afternoons without a nap. Even normal tasks were daunting. All this was impacting my family; I felt like I could rarely be present in my own life much less be there for my husband and kids.

Over the years I saw our family doctor, a nutritionist, and three naturopaths besides doing my own treatment plans based on research. Nothing made any noticeable difference. Finally a friend told me about Sandie. I am so thankful that God led my path  to her!

Sandie's approach to get my body stronger and feeling better so it can handle the difficult but necessary digging deeper to address problems within the gut makes so much sense. The tests she uses are so thorough and are done in a specific order. I really appreciate knowing that all the next steps are planned out. Sandie is not merely hopeful with tests and treatments, there is so much thought, knowledge,  and experience behind everything. That gives me so much confidence in her abilities.

I love the support Sandie gives along the way: the mindset training and daily availability to answer questions. No waiting weeks or months between appointments. I feel like I am always going somewhere (and not alone!) instead of being left in the same place hoping that whatever is prescribed will maybe help.

I am not all the way better but feel that I am approaching the beginning of the last stretch. I can see the abundance of energy and joy ahead of me. In the past months I have had so many more better days than I have for years. And it isn't just in my head. My husband has noticed a definite change for the better. That gives me a feel for what life can be like: more than just existing...really living life fully.

Lisa Perry

I was at my end when I found Sandie, bedbound and ready to give up. In a few months her protocol has gotten me up from the bed and continuing my life. I'm not fully recovered but closer every day. Sandies knowledge and skills astound me and she's always there to answer my questions. I love her whole body approach since it really works. There is no use treating symptoms like I did before because it doesn't resolve the bottom line. The testing is advanced and crucial and gives a lot of answers I didn't know. Sandie is my lifeline at the moment, couldn't live without her help

Kathrine Louzon

Darlene Sovereign


" I feel so blessed to have found Sandie"

Before I started working with Sandie I was on a lot of medication for many different health issues.  I was on a medication for my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a thyroid medication, a blood thinner, two for pain and two for diabetes.   Sandie changed my life.  I have lost 35 pounds and have been able to go off all my medication except my thyroid pills, which we are working on healing naturally.  I still have a lot of work to do but it is worth it so I can be there to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up.  


Korina Kay

Jenny Blake

"Hiring Sandie Was One of the Best Things I Have Ever Done for Myself!"